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Record Roulette is committed to expanding musical horizons.

It all started when host Eamon O'Flynn wanted to force himself to listen to new-to-him music. He began selecting albums from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest list at random to explore. After annoying his wife with blather about each album, he realized that it'd be more fulfilling (and healthier for his marriage) if he found some other people to share the experience.

Now, we have incredible guests with a wide variety of perspectives - musicians, journalists, scientists and more - select an album from the list to discuss. We've covered everything from Janet Jackson and Shakira to Dire Straits and The Doors. 

Join us on this quest to appreciate more music - take a spin with Record Roulette.

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Thriller/What's Going On - Michael Jackson/Marvin Gaye (Review)
May 15, 202400:43:3529.98 MB

Thriller/What's Going On - Michael Jackson/Marvin Gaye (Review)

This is the series finale!To mark the occasion, we've welcomed former co-host Sonya Walton back to the show to talk about TWO albums at one time - Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On." During this episode we cover:Which type of album would be harder to makeHow the two alb...

Thriller/What's Going On 101
May 08, 202400:08:195.77 MB

Thriller/What's Going On 101

Don't know anything about two of the greatest albums of all time? Don't worry, we're here to help fill a gap or two before our episode about Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On."In this episode you will learn:the basic info about the albumits critical and commercial recep...

BONUS EPISODE: Five Questions with Gia Mora
May 01, 202400:08:275.85 MB

BONUS EPISODE: Five Questions with Gia Mora

We asked Gia Mora to answer the following questions:What is your dream concert?Who from the music world - dead or alive - would you most want to have a beer or coffee with?What is your favourite album?Which album doesn't get the credit or recognition it deserves?What is one song you wish you could t...