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Record Roulette is committed to expanding musical horizons.

It all started when host Eamon O'Flynn wanted to force himself to listen to new-to-him music. He began selecting albums from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest list at random to explore. After annoying his wife with blather about each album, he realized that it'd be more fulfilling (and healthier for his marriage) if he found some other people to share the experience.

Now, we have incredible guests with a wide variety of perspectives - musicians, journalists, scientists and more - select an album from the list to discuss. We've covered everything from Janet Jackson and Shakira to Dire Straits and The Doors. 

Join us on this quest to appreciate more music - take a spin with Record Roulette.

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Cosmo's Factory 101
December 06, 202300:10:567.57 MB

Cosmo's Factory 101

Did you know that Creedence Clearwater Revival *isn't* from the American south? Did you know they only produced music for a handful of years as CCR? Do you know what CCR means? Do you know why they called their album Cosmo's Factory? If you answered "no" to any of these question...

BONUS EPISODE: Five Questions with Emm Gryner
November 29, 202300:06:004.17 MB

BONUS EPISODE: Five Questions with Emm Gryner

We ask singer, songwriter, musician and author Emm Gryner to answer the following questions: What is your dream concert? Who from the music world - dead or alive - would you most want to have a beer or coffee with? What is your favourite album? Which album doesn't get the credit or recognition...

Which Canadian act should more people discover?
November 22, 202300:07:225.11 MB

Which Canadian act should more people discover?

Our two hosts are Canadian and our guest - Emm Gryner - is a multi-time Juno nominee, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce you Americans, Germans, Brits, Australians and Kiwis to some must-hear Canadian fare. Which artist from your country would you introduce to foreigners? L...