Love Deluxe - Sade (Review) with Emm Gryner
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Love Deluxe - Sade (Review) with Emm Gryner

We asked Juno-nominated musician, best-selling author and former David Bowie bandmate Emm Gryner to pick an album from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list and she picked... Sade? The album, Love Deluxe, came out in 1992 and makes the list at #247.

Have either Eamon or Nathan heard of Sade before? Can they resist the temptation to ask Emm about touring with Bowie? Will Emm start asking "wait, why am I here?" halfway through the episode? Only one way to find out! Listen as we cover: 

  • How Emm decides whether to cover a song
  • Whether "icy" and "detatched" are good ways to describe Sade's vocals
  • Why this band that sold 75 million albums isn't EXTREMELY known
  • Probably some Bowie stuff

If you don't know anything about Love Deluxe, take a quick listen to our 101 here:

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Music by lemonmusicstudio from Pixabay.

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