Singles Going Steady - Buzzcocks (Review) with Michael Simon
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Singles Going Steady - Buzzcocks (Review) with Michael Simon

We asked all-star guest Michael Simon - the creator of VH1 Storytellers - to FINALLY pick an album that makes him happy, after previously chatting with us about The Cure, NWA and The Velvet Underground. This is what he picked - a "compilation" by semi-obscure punk rockers Buzzcocks, which comes in at #250 on the Rolling Stone list. On this episode we cover:

  • Whether this is a compilation or not
  • Whether this is punk or not
  • Why this album didn't break the Buzzcocks into America

If you don't know anything about Singles Going Steady, take a quick listen to our 101 here:

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Music by lemonmusicstudio from Pixabay.