Ten - Pearl Jam (Review) with Chris Jones
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Ten - Pearl Jam (Review) with Chris Jones

We asked journalist, screenwriter, author and... uh... Twitter guy Chris Jones to pick an album from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest List. He went with Pearl Jam's 1991 debut, Ten, which makes the list at #160. 

Do Eamon and Nathan approve of this pick? Can Nathan get over his Nirvana fandom enough to enjoy an album Kurt Cobain hated? Will Chris Jones tell a wild story about suppositories? Listen to find out. In this episode we cover:

  • The definition of "grunge" (ie. is grunge a real thing?)
  • Our collective surprise at the number of face-melting guitar solos
  • Eddie Vedder's oft-imitated vocals
  • The super weirdo subject-matter of each song

If you don't know anything about Ten, take a quick listen to our 101 here: https://recordroulettepodcast.com/episode/ten-101

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Music by lemonmusicstudio from Pixabay.

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